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CONTENTS In this course it’s all about proportions! Academic and Fashion proportions and how they differ, Basic human proportions – male & female differences. Poses and simplified structures. Artistic anatomy of male and female muscles and drawing structures Understanding of shapes. Head proportions & anatomy and facial expressions. Understanding of bones, muscles and face elements: eyes, lips, nose, ears. Emotions: sadness, anger, joy, neutral. Understanding how the muscles change the shape of the face under emotions WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Introduction General structures & Postures Anatomy & General proportions Anatomy of muscles Females structures Males structures Head proportions & anatomy Realistic way of drawing male and female body Fabrics & Textures Leather, jeans, fur, silk, knitwear, velvet materials ¿WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE? Style exemples , drawings tips Start with rules define a concept Research tools making sketches (procreate or sketching by hand) Making sketching body women and mens small introducción (procreate) Making all details of heads ilustration (procreate) Play with textures (procreate) Explaining combination textures Conclusion and task process Tips extra WHO IS THE COURSE FOR? The course is for anyone who wants to draw or learn to design the human body in the basic style and fashion design. For fashion designer or creative person that want to learn about the rules and base of houw to skecth human body.

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